Support Solutions


From localized supplies to custom engineering services, BIW Connector Systems offers a variety of solutions that support our customers' day-to-day needs in the field, as well as their strategic business goals.

Local Inventory

We offer local inventory in the key oil and gas regions of the world to ensure our products are available when and where they are needed most.


Flexible Manufacturing

We understand that urgent and unexpected requirements happen, which is why we have designed BIW Express to systematically prioritize and accelerate critical shipments.

Our manufacturing facilities have also streamlined product flow and setup times to enhance flexibility, and our supply chain is architected to react to urgent customer needs.

Engineering Services

No two wells are the same, so our products are designed to fit many different configurations. BIW's Engineers carefully review drawings and modify product designs to align with customer needs. 

Failure Analysis

Each and every product returned from in-service use is systematically broken down, analyzed and documented. A formal Disassembly Investigation Failure Analysis (DIFA) report is produced and made available to our customers.

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