Introducing the New BIW Learning Center


An Industry-Wide Challenge

Technician-related assembly and installation errors are among the primary causes of production downtime each year in ESP well completions, resulting in significant financial losses and opportunity costs due to lost oil revenue.

To help resolve these issues, customers frequently turn to suppliers for additional expertise in the assembly and installation of highly specialized products. In fact, in today's price-driven market, customers are often hesitant to engage with suppliers that do not offer post-purchase training, with nearly 90% saying supplier training and support services as key drivers in their purchase decision. 

Our Customer-Centric Solution

BIW Connector System has introduced a new training framework that seeks to revolutionize the way customer training and product support are delivered. The centerpiece of this initiative is the BIW Learning Center, a one-stop training portal for BIW customers that addresses the root cause of failures associated with the incorrect assembly and installation of our highly specialized products.

Six Key Features 

  1. 24/7 Access - Accessible to customers through a BIW assigned user name and password, the BIW Learning Center Portal is available 24/7 to accommodate the very busy schedules of most field technicians. Training is completed based on the user’s time and availability and allows users to revisit training materials whenever they need to. 
  2. Content in a Variety of Formats –No two learning styles are exactly alike. That’s why we offer up-to-date content and training resources in a wide range of files and formats. From training videos and modules to self-paced quizzes and industry articles, the BIW Learning Center helps validate the user’s technical skills and ensure successful installation of BIW Connector Systems’ specialized connector products in the field.
  3. User-Friendly, Self-Paced –The BIW Learning Center interface delivers a clear, easy-to-follow user experience. Each module is designed with flexibility, allowing users to undertake the specific training modules and assignments. Supervisors can assign and manage training for specific individuals based on skill level or request training and certification on a specific topic for their entire crew.
  4. Personalized Certificates of Completion – Upon completion of each training, users will be awarded a Certificate of Completion directly from the BIW Learning Center online system. To received certification, participants must complete training modules by watching presentations and videos, passing an online quiz, and then receiving sign off by their supervisor or a BIW Connector Systems trainer. This help customers ensure that their crew has received the necessary hands-on practice before performing installation jobs on the rig. 
  5. Alerts & Notifications Keep Users Up-to-Date - Based on customer use and preferences, BIW Connector Systems will release targeted tech alerts about new or updated requirements for requested topics and technical documentation, as well as track and alert customers about expiring certifications. These features help BIW Connector Systems better plan and focus training resources to match customer-specific needs.
  6. Open to Customers at No Additional Cost – The BIW Learning Center portal is available at no additional cost to all users who will be installing BIW Connector products in the field.

How to Get Started

The BIW Learning Center is available to BIW customers. Ready to get started? Click here to complete our online form or contact your BIW Regional Sales Representative.

    The new BIW Learning Center features an online portal with self-paced training and certification upon completion.

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