At BIW Connector Systems, we put our customer needs first. Our Support personnel are available worldwide and around the clock. We quickly determine which products are right for a specific application and ensure you receive the information you need, when you need it. And we make it our priority to process your orders quickly, efficiently and with a positive attitude.

  • When an oil well is down, it needs to be brought back into service quickly.
  • When deliveries need to be moved up to meet a revised schedule, partners must have flexible resources to respond.
  • When there are last minute design changes, you need the expertise and facilities to execute. 
  • When something special is required, the best answer is always "Yes!"

We Offer Service & Support from Start to Finish 

  • Field Service - No matter where or when the job needs to be done, BIW Connector Systems will be there for you with qualified technicians so you can easily and confidently install and operate our equipment.
  • Failure Analysis - We understand the importance of investing in new products and solutions to expand business opportunities. That's why we offer field trials that allow our customers to test drive new technology while minimizing risk.
  • Support Solutions - From custom design and engineering support to express product delivery, BIW Connector Systems is committed to providing the services and solutions that match your business needs.
  • Training & Certification - BIW Connector Systems' team members are available worldwide for customer training, certification and installation support.


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